Upfront Investment

This category is reserved for customers who pay for goods in advance (at least a month before collection). Upfront Investors enjoy a discount of 2% monthly for monies deposited for rice and left for at least one month. Pre-order here (link to upfront investment)

An illustration:

It's first January and Mr Jon envisages a surge in the prices of rice; say 18,500 to 20,000. He is sure he will need rice in march. Being a proactive individual, he pays for rice in advance to the vendor (A-rice). A-rice then promises Mr Jon a monthly return of 2% (N370) on the price of rice purchased. On the 1st day of March, he receives his bag of rice and N740 change (370*2months)

Mr Jon doesn't only save N1500, he gains N740

You too can be like Mr Jon when you invest here