Batch Investment

Funds raised through batch Investment are used for rice production - purchase of raw materials, processing and selling. At a-rice we produce rice in batches according to the demand. Each month (or once in five weeks) a new batch is opened to Investors. Unlike the long term Investment (fixed Investment) investors funds are held for a shorter time of just four months after which we pay back with an interest of 13% (when this was written). We started batch Investment with a return of 12% and increased to 13% as we stepped up production capacity as well as customer base. The goal is to reach a return on investment of 21% before the end of 2021.

How it works

A unit costs 20,000 naira only and an investor can purchase up to 250units depending on the number of units available as well as the number of Investors for each batch. Your money here will be paid back with a return of 13% only after the fourth month

An illustration:

Mrs Jones purchased 5units (100,000) for a batch that opened January 1st. On the first day of May Mrs Jones will be paid 113,000 - 100,000 as principal and 13,000 as interest accrued.

You can be like Mrs Jones by Investing here